Why Krakow?

For centuries Krakow was the capital of Poland, the seat of kings, drawing great scholars and artists from the whole world.

The world-renowned Jagellonian University, Wawel Castle and one of Europe's oldest market squares are all contained in one of the best-preserved medieval city centres in Europe. The gothic St Mary's Basilica, the historical trade pavilions of the Cloth Hall, the former separate Jewish city of Kazimierz, and even the Nowa Huta district, absorbed by Krakow together with its socialist-realist, industrial architecture, are all places which make a visit to Krakow extremely worthwhile.

Krakow is a thousand-year-old centre for culture, arts and science. The architectural complex was put on the UNESCO list of Cultural Heritage in 1978.

In the special atmosphere of the beautiful and mysterious streets of the Old Town and Kazimierz you will find everything you need to experience your special moments.

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