Wedding in mountains

If You wish Your wedding was DIFFERENT, truly memorable for You and Yours Guests, but also full of very interesting Polish tradition, full of laughing, happiness, beautiful landscapes and excellent, refreshing air at the same time – let us organize Your wedding in the mountains!

Romantic, wooden (and not only) churches…
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The only thing You have to do is to make a decision and we will do the rest. And for sure Your Guests will be grateful for a few days far away from cities and chance to experience a beautiful and untypical wedding! The horse-drawn vehicles, traditional bands and excellent, mountain sense of humor – these are only a few possible attractions waiting for The Newly Wed Couple and Their Guests.
For Those who want to diversify the event with the typical, regional accents, we’ll organize:

The sledging cavalcade with torch-light or the ride in the britzkas/cabs
Highland robbers’ feast in the open air, around a bonfire
Traditional, mountain greeting of The Newly Wed Couple
The highlanders’ band
The meeting with Janosik (the famous highland robber)
The Bride’s kidnapping by the highland robbers (The Bride-Groom of course has to rescue Her)
The mountain entertaining the Guests during the reception e.g. with merry songs and the contests
The hikes and the sightseeing tours in the most beautiful neighboring places

And many, many others…

Excellent restaurants, magnificent interiors and delicious cuisine…
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For Those who are rarely in the mountains, the wedding in the country, mountain style is the real experience. Not only the breath-taking viewed, the smiling highlanders, but also tasty, delicious and unique food – that’s going to be the big attractions for Your Guests. Only here You can taste the one of its kind highlander’s dainties, e.g. the traditional cheese baked in the bacon served with cranberries.
In a hot day there is nothing nicest than a pint of cold beer in Your hand, the fresh air in Your lungs and the view of grazing sheep on green mountain pastures.
But in the cold evening mulled wine with spices and honey or mountain tea drinking at the fireplace would be true delight for Yours and Your Guests bodies and hearts.

Traditional inns surrounded by nature, meadows and forests, with a view of the mountains….
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There is one more, undeniable profit when You organize the wedding in the Polish mountains – beautiful outdoor pictures, You couldn’t take such pictures in the city…

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