The wedding reception in the underground chambers

Only 10 kilometers from the center of Krakow there is a unique and a very special place for your wedding reception. Here, in the only underground church in the world, weddings are very popular.

If you wish, the reception can be arranged in one of the chambers, 100 meters underground.
The salt mine is inscribed in UNESCO's First World List of Cultural and Natural Heritage, and it is also acknowledged as the National History Monument. Several hundreds of years of rock salt exploitation have shaped the spatial arrangement of its excavated structure. Lying on nine levels, concealed under the town, the mine reaches down to the depth of 327 metres. It consists of nearly 300 kilometres of corridors and almost 3,000 chambers. There are five chambers very popular among organisers arranging various events for those who can truly appreciate the exclusive character of the place and professionalism of the service. There we can organize the wedding reception even for 400 people.

Magnificent chapels, captivating underground lakes and the rich restaurants menu are the guarantee that your wedding ceremony and reception will be spectacular and unforgettable experience for you and your guests.
The price for renting the chamber for the reception for 100 guests is about EUR 2300 (depending on the number of guests and the day of the week). The cost of menu is from EUR 50 per person (3-course dinner, the cold buffet, two additional hot dishes, cold and hot drinks, without alcohol).

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