The palace near Krakow

The palace was built by the Wezyk’s family in the second half of the 19th century. The building was finished in 1860 and is adorned by the characteristic Mauretain Tower with an overall Neo-gothic style with a few Anglo-gothic accents.

The palace is surrounded by a large, beautiful park made to look like an English Garden from the beginning of the 19th century.

The palace is an enchanted hotel promising patrons elegance, culture, relaxation and excellent cuisine. The architectural detail and antiques add to the charm of the historic hotel which was previously the residence of many Polish noble families.

It is a dream place for the wedding reception. Stylish interior and the garden in romantic apparel make up a fairytale atmosphere, while the assistance of a professional team will allow for the most unusual arrangement. A gourmet's feast -delicacies from the palace kitchen, unusual drinks and good music will supplement this pastoral picture. At dawn, when one's too weary to dance, the replenishment of energy will come in tranquillity of the palace's chambers and rooms... You can also take a romantic walk in the park, among the 300-year old hornbeams which allow in just the right amount of sunlight to crate a fairytale-like effect.

The Palace Restaurant offers delicacies from the old Polish cuisine with the specialties being authentic entrees eaten by Polish nobility as well as local cuisine enjoyed by the commoners.

Four restaurant rooms are the perfect places for the reception. Also, at special requests, meals can be served in the Banquet Halls on the first floor of the Palace or outside where You can enjoy the view and the fresh air.
There is the possibility for accommodation in 13 superior chambers in the Palace, 27 standard rooms in the palace annex. Together there can be accommodated up to 100 guests.

The reception costs are from EUR 45 to EUR 65 per person (3-course dinner with a dessert, cold buffet, two additional hot dishes, cakes, fruit,  rooms renting and decoration, one palace chamber for the Newlywed Couple).
The other prices:

Chamber – EUR 50 per person
Rooms – EUR 35 per person

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