Wedding Ceremony in the palace garden

One of the most magnificent palaces in the Malopolska Region. The beautiful, recently renovated building from the XVIII century has original, classicistic interior.

The park around (4 ha) is also unique and with its romantic avenues and great old trees creates a very special atmospere. The oldest are 190 years old lindens, emls and hornbeams near the palace and on the west border. 140 years old chestnut-trees, pine-trees and larches are on the east. This park is especially suited for weddings photos organized wedding party in "English style" - in the garden.

There is the possibility of organizing the Wedding Ceremony in the palace garden, with a priest participation.
The reception can be organized in the restaurant or at the first floor in a hunting room with a spacious terrace. From this place You can go out to the garden.

The reception cost is from EUR 75 per person and includes:
4-course dinner, cold buffet, 3 additional hot dishes, cakes, fruit, alcohol, basic decorations, the suite for the Newlywed Couple with jacuzzi, delicious breakfast served to the newlyweds room, charming supper by candlelight (only in two).

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