Manorial farm near Krakow

25 kilometers from the centre of Krakow, surrounded by fields, forests and breathtaking mountain views you will find yourselves in a different world.

Indoor or outdoor depending on your needs and of course the weather ?. There is the possibility for organization the wedding receptions for small intimate groups and for 700 people. But mostly there are receptions for 90-120 guests. It can be very stylish, elegant wedding reception but also the reception with grill-party in a folk feast style with the delicacies of Old Polish cuisine.

The manorial farm offers 20 rooms designed in ‘Old Polish’ style, and it is furnished with natural wood, so Your guests can feel really comfortable.

The cost for wedding reception is from EUR 45 per person and includes room renting, 3-course dinner, cold buffet, 3 additional hot dishes, wedding cake and fruit.

Accommodation for 50 guests costs EUR 1250.

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